Kestan x AKR - Gold London Bracelet

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Steeped in rich history and culture, London is the city we escape to for adventure. We love walking the wet streets of London while admiring distant twinkling lights through the fog. With a flat white in hand, coffee never tasted better than while strolling through bustling streets lined with gorgeous architecture.


This piece was inspired by the Tower Bridge. The two bars signify passing rows of automobile and pedestrian traffic, and how headlights sparkle in the night. The closure features our special Kestan mechanism that allows the lobster clasp to slide up and down the chain for the perfect fit every time. Total chain length is 7"

Also available in 18k plated rhodium.


Akiko K. Ruiz is the founder and designer behind akrDesignStudio. Her studio creates fun, unique, and sophisticated illustrated stationary. Akiko enjoys creating beautiful hand drawn works of art with dipping ink and watercolor. Her designs are loved by those seeking stylish, feminine, and lively art.

    Kestan x AKR - Gold London Bracelet - Kestan
    Kestan x AKR - Gold London Bracelet - Kestan
    Kestan x AKR - Gold London Bracelet - Kestan

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