KESTAN Eco-Fibers


Supple, breathable, buttery soft, and sustainable - we build our KESTAN collection around fibers that are built for comfort and meant to last. These specialty fabrics make a difference in our environment and your wardrobe. That's why we choose to use eco-fibers, eco-fiber blends, and recycled dead stock fabrics. Get to know our favorite fibers. 


Tencel makes the core of our collection, and for good reason. It's functionality and texture makes this our go-to for everyday styling that's easy, modern, and breathable. This fabric naturally odor-resistant, hypoallergenic, and buttery soft.

WOOD CELLULOSE - The fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources harvested from certified and controlled sources. 

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION - Tencel™ is created in a closed loop production process. 99% of the water and solvents used to create this fiber are recycled back into production. That means less water wasted and fewer chemicals dumped.

A STRONGER FIBER - Longer lasting and tougher fibers mean you can truly live in your garments time after time. These fibers are durable and ready to fit into your lifestyle.

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We use Rayon because of its ability to hold amazing shape while maintaining a silky and smooth finish. This fabric slides right over skin for the ultimate comfort and softness.

BAMBOO - Our Rayon is derived from bamboo. This gives the fiber our signature and exquisite smooth finish.

BREATHABILITY - The smooth surface of Rayon allows for natural cooling properties and breathability. This keeps your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the day.

SMOOTHNESS AND DRAPE - Rayon is smooth to the touch to allow it to effortlessly glide over your skin. It also creates structured drapes for the most flattering look.

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Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. This means the cotton does not come in contact with toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Additionally, organic cotton is planted in a way the maintains soil fertility and supports biologically diverse agriculture. Our 100% organic cotton boasts a GOTS certification, a third party auditor that oversees both ecology and labor conditions.

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We love Cupro for its lightweight and silky finish. This vegan alternative to silk has excellent drape and a soft sheen.

NEW LIFE - Cupro utilizes parts of the cotton plant normally discarded and gives it a new life.

ECO MARK CERTIFIED - Cupro is Eco Mark certified, meaning that it conforms to a set of standards aimed at the least impact on the environment.

BIODEGRADABLE - This fiber decomposes in soil and will return to its natural state.

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