The Best Fall Candles + The Stories Behind Them

Today I'm sharing my absolute favorite candles that have been burning at home and the store nonstop. Not to be a candle snob, but I'm obsessed with all natural coconut wax. Coconut wax simply burns cleaner and slower compared to soy, and you can't beat it's amazing scent throw! Watch the video for details on the stories behind each scent, and check out my favorites below!


Hardwood Musk + Caramel Tobacco
Named after the bar our business was founded in, Wunderkammer captures the warm honeyed caramel notes of whiskey and the hazy scent of tobacco.


Fresh Citrus + Soft Floral Undertones
Named after my street in New York, Astoria Blvd. captures the sense of relief when coming home after a long day. Fresh citrus and soft floral undertones remind of us fresh sheets and falling into bed.


Grapefruit + Mangostana
Inspired by my walks through the farmer's market at Union Square, Marketplace captures the vibrancy of fresh fruit and the brightness of sunlight.


Plumeria + Hints of Peach
Nothing excites me more than seeing two seemingly different individuals come together and form an amazing partnership. Plumeria and peach come together for a bright and soft scent that's simply beautiful.


Lavender + Sage
Sometimes we all just need to take a moment and hit "pause". Reset features calming lavender and earthy sage for a nice and relaxing scent that will help center you and bring some calm.

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