The Atelier

A city street in Taipei bustles under the weight of students rushing to catch a movie, mothers with children in tow, busy shoppers looking for a taxi, and other unique individuals rushing about. Turn down an unassuming alley though, and suddenly quiet settles in. This is where Kestan's atelier can be found.

At Kestan, we strive to deliver quality garments made from quality fabrics. But the heart of our brand comes from the people who make Kestan what it is. From our inception, we've made it a point to personally visit each of our workshops to not only ensure ethical working conditions, but to also develop a close and personal relationship with the men and women who help build our brand.

People matter. It's as simple as that. We always ensure that our employees are not only treated fairly, but have an opportunity for growth. Take a peek into our atelier, and meet the individuals behind your Kestan garments.
Our atelier is headed by Mr. Xu - a pattern maker turned teacher responsible for the education of Taipei's finest seamstresses and pattern makers. By his side stands Miss. Chen who ensures that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. When she's not managing our production schedule and working as a liaison between the atelier, trim and fabric suppliers, and ourselves, she's working one-on-one with our seamstresses on each garment. Miss Liao is the head seamstress who works diligently on both our samples and our production. And by her side she guides the entire production line.

Working in our atelier isn't all business though. Everyone gathers around the table for a shared lunch every day where they trade stories, jokes, and ideas with each other. You'll also find the atelier's resident poodle running around underfoot. Aptly named Happiness, he'll give you kisses for treats and will happily pose for photos. Our team will also regularly meet after work to chow down at the local night market, take classes, or go sight-seeing.