Kestan has always been rooted in a deep affection and concern for humanity. Simply put, we care about the health, goals, and future of those we employ and meet every day. Whether you’re a Kestan shopper, employed at our atelier, or a curious passerby, we believe that Kestan should enhance the lives of those we touch. 

This desire is reflected in how we make decisions as a business, and as individuals. Before launching Kestan, we spent 6 months visiting every factory that we wanted to work with. This was to ensure that we only partnered with companies that support fairer and better working conditions that not only meet one’s basic human rights, but also allow for growth and opportunity. 

Whether it’s ethical labor, the environment, or maintaining high standards and quality, there are so many issues to tackle along the supply chain. While it is certainly in our heart and mind to perfect these issues, Kestan is still a young business independently funded, owned, and operated by its original co-founders. As we grow, we will strive to continually deepen our commitment to a more sustainable, transparent, and ethical business while bringing fair prices to you, our customer.

We hope that you will remain supportive and patient as Kestan develops and improves. We understand that society is rooted in commerce, and we want to provide a more ethically minded option for consumers. We always welcome any feedback and questions, and can always be reached at In the meantime, thank you for your patience and love!

- Kevin & Stephanie