The Label

Learn about the factories and fabrics we work with.
The Factories

Each and every factory KESTAN works with has been personally visited and certified to ensure the highest level of quality for both the workers and the environment. Our co-founders continue to work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that the ethically set standards of all production is not being compromised. This hands-on approach has enabled us to closely monitor the integrity of all the factories and workers we work with on a daily bases.

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Each garment is created by eco-fibers, eco-fiber blends, and deadstock fabrics. Read more about each eco-fabric below. 


Our organic cotton range is created from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and made locally in Los Angeles, California. Organic cotton is not only easier on the environment, but results in a softer and longer lasting garment.


Tencel is one of our favorite eco-fibers to work with. It’s functionality and texture makes this our go-to for everyday styling that’s easy and modern. It’s fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources harvested from certified and controlled sources. It’s also a longer lasting and tough fiber. That means you can truly live in your garments time after time. These fibers are durable and ready to fit into your lifestyle.


We use Rayon because of its ability to hold amazing shape while maintaining a silky and smooth finish. Our Rayon is derived from bamboo which results in an exquisite smooth finish. The surface also allows for natural cooling properties and breathability, keeping skin cool and dry throughout the day. It also glides over the skin.


Over-produced fabrics often times end up in landfills. We take these deadstock fabrics and breathe a new life into them by repurposing them into beautiful KESTAN garments.