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Melissa : Kestan Community Style Spotlight

Full of cheerfulness, you can't help but be taken by 27 year old Melissa's easy-going nature and positivity. From the moment we met her, it was all jokes and laughter as we talked everything from fashion to her career (and even hot Cheetos). Say "hello" to Melissa!

Age: 27

Current Occupation: Social Media Care @ Taco Bell Corporate

How did you get into your current role: In college, I studied Communication with an emphasis in Media Studies. For a period of time I worked in fashion PR, but left that to pursue my MA in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations.

Advice for young women looking to work in marketing/PR: Do some soul-searching, as marketing and PR is in every industry. As a young professional I tried radio, sports, media, fashion, utilities, non-profit, education, luxury cars, and now I'm in the quick service restaurant industry. It's OK to to not know exactly which industry you want to be in, but it's also important to narrow down your options. Patience with yourself is key.

Favorite way to unwind after a stressful day: I usually go to the gym after work, but if Im not there, I unwind with a martini or tequila on Fridays!

How would you describe your style: Cheap Chic. I love designer shoes and clothes, but I also like a savings account! It's all about how you wear your clothes, really.

Favorite Snack: Hot FREAKIN Cheetos. They are my absolute favorite forever.

What inspires you: Kindness. People and brands that do good inspires me to continue living happy and believing that there is good in the world. There's just so much negativity in this world, and I just don't understand how our entire population just can't be kind to each other. I guess it sounds easier than done!

Goals for the upcoming future: In the near future, I want to get promoted at my job, reach a point where I'm on a consistent schedule for blog posting, and save for a downpayment on a home. Oh, and I'd like to travel more!

Fun facts: I'm a huge football fan! I grew up loving the Green Bay Packers and look forward to football season and the Super Bowl every year. I also really, really, really love dogs - like I'm seriously drop dead in love with them and beg my boyfriend for a Saint Bernard every single day!

Favorite Kestan garment from the shoot: The Bedford! I love the fabric and it's flow. The color if perfect, and it's such an easy transitional piece that every girl needs to have!

Melissa is wearing our Bedford in blush as a jacket, ruffle sleeved Leon, and lace Foxboro dress.

Visit her online through her blog or Instagram.


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