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Meet The Team: Abby Combs

Take a peek behind-the-scenes of KESTAN and Meet The Team! Today we're introducing you to Abby Combs, our stylish and fiercely creative marketing intern.

A recent graduate from the University of Alabama, Abby studied marketing and computer science before joining the KESTAN team. Abby loves all things digital media, shopping, playing basketball, baking, and snow skiing! Read on to get to know our vivacious marketing intern.

You have an incredible sense of personal style. What do you love so much about fashion? I love fashion because it’s the truest way for us to express ourselves. Especially in today’s age, there are so many different styles, trends, and places to shop. The infinite amount of options to choose from make it such a simple way to express yourself, your creativity, your vibes, and so much more. Fashion is also fun! We have the ability to change our entire wardrobe in one day if we feel like it. That's such a fun thing about fashion.

What’s your favorite part of being a marketing intern? My favorite thing about being an intern at KESTAN is being able to see all of the behind-the-scenes of a fashion retail brand! Being able to see the process behind things like designing the clothes, curating social media posts, and doing market research has introduced me to a completely different side of the fashion business that I would have never known about before!

Do you have any tips for students on how they can successfully manage their internship? My biggest thing about managing a job (whether it be school, internships, work, etc.) is to take everything one step at a time. Usually when I have a lot of tasks to get done I will physically write them out and prioritize them from more important to least important, and just take them one one-by-one! Another crucial thing is to not be afraid to speak up! I feel like this is something that I am still working on myself, but I’ve realized that people cannot read minds. If you don’t speak up on how you feel about something, good or bad, others won’t know!

What’s a hobby outside of work that you like to do? I love being physically active! I played sports all my life and I am a huge fan of snow skiing, pilates, yoga, basketball walking...basically anything that forces me to push myself and my body!

What's your absolute favorite KESTAN piece? My favorite KESTAN piece has to be the Ida top in black! I love this top because it can be worn for so many different occasions. I could wear it on a Spring shopping day with light jeans and black mule slides or out to a fancy dinner with a black mini skirt and knee high black boots!

What’s your dream job? How is doing an internship helping you achieve your goals? My dream job would be something involving fashion somewhere I love. This internship is helping me prepare for my future careers in this industry! Before, I had little to no idea about how a fashion retail brand is run and how much goes into marketing that brand, so this internship has been very insightful!


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