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Tatum : Kestan Community Style Spotlight

KESTAN Community is a series where our creative director, Stephanie, sits down with inspirational women to talk about careers, motivation, and how they're making it.

Tatum Hathaway gives Southern Californian style her own unique spin in an elegant and poised way. Whether she's running around the office or running around beaches with her adorable pup named Finnigan, you can be sure she's doing it in style.

Age: 24

Current Occupation: Marketing Professional

What's a typical day for you: I am not a morning person (at all). But "adult" me has a new love/hate relationship with waking up early. I enjoy drinking my coffee with a fresh mind as I contemplate the day's goals. I like a day with a good purpose. 

You grew up in Iowa! What's the difference between Iowa and California: Definitely the change of pace - everything in California is always moving and growing, which I love. It definitely fits my busy personality. Thankful to have been "Iowa grown", but wouldn't trade Southern CA for the world.

What does happiness mean to you: Living in the moment - enjoying good company. Also, a good cuddle sesh with my man.  

Advice for young women interested in Marketing/PR: Pursue an opportunity you aren't sure about. Explore everything! After graduating from college, I quickly joined a PR firm where I thought my dream job would lie. Turns out Fashion PR wasn't at all what I had hoped for, and I eventually left to pursue a job as a marketing coordinator for financial services. I was marketing for mortgage companies (something I never in a million years thought I would be doing). And the best part? I fell in love with it. That job was so full of opportunity and provided invaluable experience. So, my advice? Do it all, and stumble across your "dream" job later.

Who is a woman that inspires you: Without any hesitation, my mom. She reflects everything I hope to be as a wife, mother, and friend. She brings balance and simplicity to everything in her life, and consequently mine. 

Your perfect weekend: I am a crazy dog mom that can't go anywhere without her pup. So an ideal weekend is spent with him at the beach. I also enjoy anything home renovation related, so I'm always seeking out new projects.

Favorite Kestan garment: The Mulberry sleeveless shirt. It's the perfect mix of cute and sophisticated, and the wrap around tie adds a good touch to an otherwise simple piece.

Tatum is wearing our Sable bow dress in blush, Mulberry tank in navy, Walden wrap tank in white, and Leon ruffle sleeve top in white.

Visit Tatum online through her Instagram @tatumhathaway.


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