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The Motivators - Las2winz

KESTAN Community is a series where our creative director, Stephanie, sits down with inspirational women to talk about careers, motivation, and how they're making it.

While many may associate the gym with New Year resolutions or summer aspirations, Natalia and Margarita Guzman of Las2winz see something more. They view training as a way to confront your fears in order to overcome your limits and achieve the most in your everyday life. Natalia and Margarita are beacons of hope who embody the idea that if there is a will there is always a way.

By pushing yourself beyond your imagination, you can learn and build a self confidence that can’t be found elsewhere. This is confidence that you can’t buy. It has be to be earned.

How did your journey begin?

Natalia Guzman: We moved to America at the age of 12, and started middle school knowing no English whatsoever. Imagine going to school and not understanding anything being said! Our classmates would bully us because of our shyness and accents.

Margarita Guzman: But we learned English within the first year. We used to translate all of our homework word by word with a dictionary. We pushed ourselves.

I can definitely see your perseverance and resilience. How does this translate into your training?

NG: We started training in high school because we were self-conscious and bullied. High schoolers are seriously mean! We wanted to do something positive, and take action to give ourselves more confidence. So, we got a gym membership and started to really get into working out. We’d teach ourselves by Googling weight training.

MG: We later started to attend OC FIT and got really good. Everything we do, we want to be the best at. And we always give 100%. That’s exactly what we did with working out.

NG: The owner noticed us, and asked us if we ever thought about being trainers. We weren’t interested at first since we were at college, but he planted a seed in us.

How did training translate into real-life confidence for you?

MG: We started doing Spartan races last year and decided to go all out by attempting the hardest one. It definitely kicked our butt, but we finished. It felt amazing!

NG: You realize that you can go through hell and enjoy it. By pushing yourself beyond your imagination, you can learn and build a self confidence that can’t be found elsewhere. This is confidence that you can’t buy. It has be to be earned.

Do you think this translates to the clients you train everyday?

NG: Absolutely! We motivate people every day to challenge themselves and finish their workouts. If you can overcome forty-five minutes of grueling physical challenges and not quit, that meeting at work will feel like a breeze. This "no quits" mentality can definitely go from the gym and into your life.

MG: It’s definitely a mentality thing. We want people to realize that the work ethic they bring in the gym is something that will follow you everywhere. Working out is more than just looking better or being healthy.

NG: It’s putting yourself in an uncomfortable position and overcoming your physical and mental limitations.

MG: In fact, this year we had over fifty people join our team and sign up for a Spartan race!

So, how can people being this healthy journey?

MG: Start small, and take everything one step at a time. Once you feel comfortable where you’re at, start striving for more. Don’t focus on other people, just worry about yourself. Small progress is better than no progress, so enjoy the journey!

NG: Sign up for the gym, and just go! Don’t overthink it. Sign up. Show up. And everything will come into place. Oh, and watch your nutrition!

And where do you think the next chapter of your journey is?

MG: We want to build our own gym! We’re partnering up with Steve, the man who spurred our dream of being trainers, to build the gym we’ve always dreamt about. We want to offer classes and obstacle courses too. There are people who want to try new things, and we want to help them accomplish that.

What motivates you to chase these dreams?

MG: My sister and I have dealt with so many adversities. We came from another county, got thrust into a whole new environment and culture, and were bullied. But we realized that if you can overcome, you can be successful.

NG: After going through all of these trials, we want to bring positivity to the world. We want to give back to the community. It’s not about money, but rather how many people we can inspire to just be happy both in and out of the gym. How many lives can you touch?

MG: If you believe you deserve it, the universe will serve it! You do good, good will come back to you.

About being bullied, do you have any advice to those dealing with mean spirited people?

NG: You can’t please the world. Sometimes you need to be selfish and focus on yourself. Focus on your own goals and dreams. Those bullies will come and go, but your family and your goals won’t.

MG: You’ll always face negative people. So concentrate on your own positivity. I take it as a compliment now, that people will take the time to think about you. Take something good from the bad!

Let’s talk about something fun now! What’s your style like?

NG: Casual! Comfortable and simple. Something you can match with anything.

Why is comfort so important?

MG: If you don’t feel good in something, then your attitude will reflect that. If I’m comfortable, I feel like myself. Your energy will be different and better.

NG: That’s what we love about Kestan. I love how cozy the clothes are, and they’re so easy to style. I might spend most of my day in gym clothes, but I still like to look good!

MG: Definitely. When I wear Kestan, I don’t have to overthink my wardrobe. It just fits into my life.

Alright, last question! Let’s talk about being twins!

MG: Being a twin is so exciting and fun. While we have ups and downs like any pair of siblings, we definitely have a very strong bond. We’re identical twins and we’re always together.

NG: I feel like we learn so much from each other. Together, we have this energy that just makes use stronger. It’s like something special happens. If I’m having a bad day and I see Margarita giving it her all, I get hyped up too.

MG: Natalia definitely fuels me. We never let each other down.

NG: But we can be different too. I’m more organized and serious. An analyzer and planner I guess.

MG: I’m the wild child. I just do things!

The night gets colder, and we joke around about our workouts and mutual love for cupcakes. I leave Natalia and Margarita feeling inspired and motivated by their story of struggle and conquering one’s insecurities. Through their daily workouts and the comfort of their clothes, the Las2winz duo are taking the fitness world by storm.

Follow their amazing journey @las2winz.


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