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Birthstones: What they mean, how to style them and more!

By now, most people are familiar with their Zodiac signs, but how familiar are you with your birthstone? If your answer was something like "not too familiar" then look no further! Kestan is here to give you your birthstone info and ways to style it!

 ABOUT GARNET: The deep glossy red of garnet has been revered and admired in history dating back to Vikings and Greek mythology. This stone represents strength and balance, and is often associated with eternal love and safe travels. Wear this beautiful pomegranate hued stone for happiness, wealth, and safety.

HOW TO STYLE GARNET : Embrace the fiery side of your personality with this stone. Garnet looks beautiful paired with gold for a vintage look. Looking for something a little offbeat and unique? Try rose gold for a pinky hue that’s feminine and whimsical all at once.



ABOUT AMETHYST: Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstone materials. This deep purple gemstone was once greatly admired for its close association with wealth and power, and was traditionally seen in crowns of the rich and powerful.

HOW TO STYLE AMETHYSTThis beautiful purple stone is the perfect touch of color for any occasion! Whether it’s a casual white tee and jean day or a black tie event, amethyst adds that perfect pop of color that every outfit always needs! 



ABOUT AQUAMARINE: This admirable blue stone originates from the Italian word for “seawater”. It was known to ancient Greeks and Romans as a sign of protection and guidance to sailors during their trips across stormy seas! And how interesting is this? Aquamarine is also the sister gem to the rich green emerald stone!

HOW TO STYLE AQUAMARINE: Although most of us think, “mermaids, beaches, summer, etc.” when we hear aquamarine, it can actually be worn all year long! This light blue beauty can be the perfect addition to spring pastels, cold winter whites, and brisk fall oranges!



ABOUT DIAMOND: This stone needs no introduction! The diamond is a “girl’s best friend” for good reason. The world may continuously change, but one thing remains the same; diamonds are a symbol of stability and dependability. The word "diamond" comes from the ancient Greek word "adamas" meaning unbreakable, unchangeable, or invincible.

HOW TO STYLE DIAMOND: When it comes to styling diamonds it’s almost impossible to go wrong! Diamonds are the cherry on top of any outfit.  These breathtaking stones take any look from “meh” to “my oh my”! Diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a must when it comes to talking about jewelry staples.



ABOUT EMERALD: The royal green emerald gemstone has many different stories surrounding it. Ancient Egyptians believed that the green in emeralds represent fertility and rebirth, and even Cleopatra was known for her strong fascination with this stone!

HOW TO STYLE EMERALD: When it comes styling this gorgeous green stone, try to have fun with it! The royal green of the emerald is perfect when it comes to making a statement. Pair this stone with your staple little black dress and black heels, or dress it down with a neutral colored sweater and jeans.



ABOUT PEARL: Pearls are one of the earliest discovered gemstones, dating back to prehistoric times. The pearl is used to enhance personal integrity, bring truth forward, and grow sincerity.

HOW TO STYLE PEARL: Pearls have been in style for as long as we can remember.  Trying to express your classier side? Throw on some pearl earrings! Pearl necklaces are also the easiest way to accelerate any casual outfit!



ABOUT RUBY: The ruby originates from the Latin word for red: “ruber”.  This deep red ruby is believed to promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge, and wealth. It is also part of the four “precious stones” along with diamond, emerald, and sapphire!

HOW TO STYLE RUBY: Ruby is the perfect gemstone for those BIG events. Hot date night? Perfect! Wedding? Of course! GNO? YES! Ruby is a powerful red that compliments best with those blacks and whites. Pair this gorgeous deep red stone with your favorite little black dress or a gorgeous white gown. No matter the occasion, this ruby red is guaranteed to make a statement!

ABOUT PERIDOT: This light green stone is often referred to as “evening emerald”.  It is the national stone of Egypt, as well as the birthstone of those born in August! Ancient admirers were constantly on the hunt for this stone because of its highly-prized tint of green.

HOW TO STYLE PERIDOT: Peridot is the PERFECT summer green. It’s light, it’s calming, and simple, yet still finds a way to make a statement. Pair this gorgeous green stone with your favorite other summer staple colors.  It works great with other light colors like white, pink, yellow, or even more green!



ABOUT SAPPHIRE: This gorgeous blue stone has been admired for as long as we can remember! Sapphire has always been associated with the majesty and tranquility of the heavens. It was traditionally worn by Kings and Queens to attract wealth and protection.

HOW TO STYLE SAPPHIRE:  Dive into your inner queen and wear this blue stone with CONFIDENCE! You can pair this deep blue with a multitude of looks. Try pairing this blue with other bold, confident colors such as black, red, light blue or even white! These colors together can take your confidence from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye!



ABOUT TOURMALINE: Tourmaline is not your average stone. This stone comes in a plethora of colors! Tourmaline is so popular based on these two key facts: it can be found in so many colors AND it is a high-quality material that is still affordable for use in jewelry designs.  Today, it is most idolized for the beautiful color pink it displays.

HOW TO STYLE TOURMALINE: As mentioned above, Tourmaline comes in a bunch of different colors, so try and spice it up. If you are styling a pink Tourmaline stone, make sure you make it fun! Pair this pink stone with more pink! A pink dress, a pink blouse, or a pink tank top of any shade would pair perfectly with a pink Tourmaline stone.



ABOUT CITRINE:  Citrine is a stone of many talents. This gorgeous stone comes in a multitude of colors.  Today we commonly see Citrine in dark orange or light blue.  The ancient Greeks swore that wearing Citrine stones would bring them strength and break magic spells!

HOW TO STYLE CITRINE:  Citrine is the PERFECT fall orange.  Wear this color all season long with your favorite basics like long sleeves and jeans or take it to the next level by pairing with something like black leather pants and a flowy blouse.

ABOUT ZIRCON: Zircon is a very special stone. Rarer than diamonds and almost as famous, Zircon has skyrocketed in popularity like a starlet in Hollywood in the short 50 years since its discovery!

HOW TO STYLE ZIRCON: Zircon is  the go-to stone for the colder winter months.  This bright blue-green stone is the perfect gemstone to accessorize those statement winter coats, your favorite black leather pants, or even paired with those red holiday tones!


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