find the joy in dressing up

Unapologetically feminine and fun, our pieces are designed for dreamers, lovers, and those who believe in finding the joy in life.

Our collections are designed to make you feel special during those special moments in your life.

siblings, best friends, and partners

We’re Kevin and Stephanie, the sibling duo behind KESTAN. Our story started with a sibling vacation, where the brand was born when Stephanie expressed her dream of creating a brand that celebrated the joyful moments in life and could help women look and feel special while creating memories. Kevin, the ultimate supporter, has always believed in Stephanie’s creative vision, and together they aimed to create a brand that would help women elevate everyday moments. 

With their combined passion and dedication, they turned their dream into a reality, sharing their uplifting brand vision with the world, one outfit at a time! 

the creative vision

The brand started with the belief that every day is an opportunity for us to self-express. As a lover of all things feminine, playful, and unique, my goal is to craft pieces that will help women look and feel unique, because at the end of the day, fashion should always be fun and uplifting in a way that celebrates the wearer under the dress!