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Brittany : Director of Marketing

KESTAN Community is a series where our creative director, Stephanie, sits down with inspirational women to talk about careers, motivation, and how they're making it.

Brittany Charnley balances her career as a Director of Marketing and her role as a mother. Life for this working mother means navigating a busy life with grace, strength, and a dose of seriously good style.

Name: Brittany Charnley

Age: 28

Current Occupation: Director of Marketing

What does your job entail? I am responsible for all of my organization's (private school in Orange County) marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. 

What does that include? It includes community outreach, media outreach and social media initiatives. I also handle our digital marketing initiatives including e-mail marketing, website data and analytics, advertising, and web design.

How do you manage your career and being a mother at the same time? Being a working mom is extremely hard at times. I think finding a balance works best. Having a great quality childcare situation makes it a little easier, because knowing someone is loving and caring for your little one while you’re working and helping to provide for your family helps ease the guilt and worry. Also, making the most of the time I have at home with our daughter when I get home from work. It definitely isn’t taken for granted and is cherished greatly.

Do you have any advice for other young working mothers? The best advice I have for young working mothers is to stay positive, connect with other working moms, ensure your workplace is understanding of your new normal (pumping time, possible emergency Dr. appointments, school functions during the day, etc., and be proud of all that you are doing. You are strong, ambitious and inspiring. Your child will be proud of you!  

And what's your favorite weekday meal to prepare for the family? My favorite weekday meal to prepare for the family is chicken pesto pasta! It’s quick, easy and we all love it.

Looking forward to anything this year? This year I’m really looking forward to seeing what our baby girl learns and all the new milestones she achieves. Also, looking forward to seeing how she likes preschool! I'm also looking forward to see how my sales pitch/convincing my husband to get us annual passes to Disneyland works out this year. 

What's your favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Halloween. I really enjoy the creativity that goes in to the costumes, the decor outside of the houses, haunted houses, etc… In Laguna Beach (where we live) there is a street that goes all out with that stuff and it’s awesome! 

What does being a woman mean to you in this day and age? Being a woman in this day and age is empowering. Being in the workforce as a working mom, I’m meeting so many amazing beautiful, smart and successful women. It’s inspiring to see all that they are accomplishing and all that they are aspiring to do. Women have come a long way, and I’m very proud to be amongst such a hard working group in our society.

Favorite Kestan garment you shot with today? I really love the Alton dress. It is so soft, lightweight and practical. It can easily be worn on its own, or with a cute jacket, or even dressed down with a hat and a bandana scarf.

Brittany is wearing our Alton dress in grey, Glendora bell sleeve top in black, Walden wrap tank in white, and Evensen trousers in grey.

Visit Brittany online through her blog here, or Instagram @thecoolhipmom. 


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