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How I Built My Fashion Retail Store: 5 Tips

Curious about what goes into building out a fashion retail store? Today, I'm giving a store tour and sharing 5 tips and insights into how I built KESTAN's flagship retail store. Watch on for detailed tips and tricks!

1. Get Experts Involved

You can't always do it all. Building out a retail store requires extensive knowledge regarding permits, materials, and so much more. Experts can help lead you with their years of experience, and free you up to focus on the business.

2. Set A Clear Vision

So much goes into building out a store that it's important to have a clear vision directing every decision. A clear vision will allow you to make sure that your store is cohesive. Think about your vision when considering the architecture, decor, and interior and exterior elements.

3. Always Consider The Brand

All aspects of the buildout should support your brand vision and voice. Ask yourself if what you're doing feels in line with what your vision is. Make sure to include brand elements across decor, fixtures, and raw materials. For example, KESTAN's brand color is pink, so you can bet that you'll find the color on our walls and decor.

4. Add A Personal Touch

A store is more than a store - it's the context in which your brand lives. Personal touches will help connect the brand to your customer. I personally hand-painted artwork for the walls, included inspirational sayings that were personal favorites, and made sure the store felt warm and inviting.

5. Infuse Natural Elements

Plants can add an instant pop of color that feels natural. They also come in different heights and textures so you can really play with the visuals. Plus, plants can help soften up harsh spaces and make your store feel more inviting. 


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