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Kestan x UCLA FAST

Exploring fashion through experience.

People are always at the heart of Kestan, and that warmth extends beyond our supply chain and customers. When the opportunity to sponsor and take part in UCLA’s FAST (Fashion And Student Trends) organization, we were happy to say yes! Being a sponsor means more than just monetary support though. We wanted to personally get involved and meet these inspiring future designers, photographers, models, and more. While each student comes from a different background and major, they all share one common love - fashion.

FAST is UCLA’s first and only fashion club. One of the reasons we love this organization is because it is entirely student run. FAST aims to showcase student achievements and provide opportunities for leadership experience, fashion design, graphic design, styling, event production, photography, fashion blogging, and career exploration.

The highlight of the organization is the annual spring show. This exciting event is entirely student run and produced, and gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their special talents. Whether you’re a fashion designer, model, photograph, or runway architect - there’s a place for you at FAST.

Here at Kestan, we had the pleasure of working closely with individual students during different segments leading up to the big show. During model practices we not only worked to fit our student models, but we also witness their dedication, passion, and seriously fierce walks.

We also joined their photographers and models on an exhilarating outdoor editorial photoshoot. During this shoot, FAST photographers worked closely with their fellow models to create their own vision of the Kestan line on the streets of Los Angeles.


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