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What Does Business Casual Mean?

The modern workplace has quickly evolved into a welcoming and empowering environment for women to flourish. As our relationship with work continues to change, so does the way we dress for the job. While how we define "business casual" can change between different jobs and industries, we find that there are a few tried and true rules to help get you out the door faster and worry just a little less in the mornings. 
After all, we want women to tackle the day, and not their closet.
We say "our" because there's no true blanket rule. But after dressing a wide range of women, we've found most adhering to the following "rules":
You're about to hit a home run with your presentation when suddenly all you can think about is how your blazer is pinching you in all the wrong places. Choose breathable fabrics (like crowd favorite, Tencel), that give you space to move and take a deep breath. Save your focus for the job, not on how your slacks pinch. 
Never underestimate the power of a foundational wardrobe. When you build your wardrobe on quality and timeless pieces that mix-and-match with everything, you'll find yourself not only saving time, but dressing more confidently too. Some of our favorite staples:
The Button Up: A classic, and for good reason, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. We recommend picking one up with unique design details for an update on the timeless silhouette. A special button here or a cool seam there can be the difference between drab and "wow, where did you get that shirt?"
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The Shift: The shift dress is a must in our closets. Nothing makes dressing quicker or easier than simply putting on one piece. It's also a great foundation to accessorize on top of, and will go with practically anything in the right color. Plus, the easy and relaxed shape allows for the most important thing - comfort.
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The Indoor Trench: Hear us out. We love a good blazer, but sometimes you want an updated way to layer. Made from soft and breathable Japanese bamboo, our indoor trenches wear like a dream and elevate any look. Whether it's slacks and a white blouse or jeans and a white tee, you'll instantly upgrade your look. Plus, have we mentioned just how soft bamboo is?
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The Black Slack: Nothing is as classic or functional as the black slack. With so many updated hem lengths and cuts to choose from, you're sure to find a style that goes with everything. Pick one in a drapey and breathable fabric like Tencel, and you'll forget you're actually dressed for work.
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Sure, men might having it "easier" with limited professional wardrobe choices, but we celebrate options here. Having choice is powerful, and allows you to find joy in the art of self-presentation. Are you someone who loves a little bit of flair? No, problem. Just because you have to leave the sequined miniskirt at home doesn't mean that you can't embrace a glimmer-y satin blouse. Explore your voice and find ways to incorporate it into your look. It can be i the form of color, print, accessories, or more.
There's something to be said about the art of self-presentation. We believe that there is power to be found in how we dress, and clothing truly is the armor we put on to face the world. Start small with a singular piece that brings you confidence, and build your wardrobe from there.
At the end of the day, navigating the professional wardrobe can be tricky as the word "professional" continues to be redefined over and over again. Take a look around the office and gauge what company culture dictates as the norm. While we're all for self-expression, it's also good to take note if suiting up in a matching blazer and slacks isn't necessary if everyone shows up in jeans and flats. 


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