The Organic Cotton Mill

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Our organic cotton mill has been making strides in sustainable production since 1981. Its knitting and dyeing mill are run by an environmentally conscious team unified by their passion and dedication to a better earth.

Located in the bustling city of Taoyuan, our factory boasts it's own knitting and dyeing mills. Standing at the helm is Mr. Hong. He has emerged as a leading voice in Taiwan's organic cotton movement. Originally the owner of a conventional fabric mill, he overhauled his entire factory to reflect his stance on ethical and sustainable production. Now, he is proud to say that his mill is a GOTS certified. 

His dedication to establishing a sustainable business producing natural fabrics has attracted 30 impassioned employees who share his mindset. They are not only treated as family, but carefully taken under Mr. Hong's wing where they learn from hands on experience. Everyone here feels a sense of satisfaction knowing that they are working together towards a sustainable future.

Environmentally Friendly Dyes

Our organic cotton uses environmentally friendly dyeing techniques that are certified by Oeko-Tex and Bluesign. Our eco-friendly dyes "save" in the following ways:

1. Save Water : Eco-dyeing goes through the washing and dyeing processes 3-4 times. Conventional methods go through the process up to 7 times. 

2. Save Energy : BeBe Cotton's dyeing processes use a lower water temperature than conventional methods. That means less energy is expended heating up water.

3. Save Time : Only 4 hours are needed for the dyeing and washing procedure. Traditional methods take 7 hours to complete the process.